Use and Care


Saves valuable time over other methods of removal.

Salvages clothing and gear deemed unusable due to stickers and burrs.

Provides relief from the discomfort of nuisance stickers and burrs.

Environmentally friendly product helps prevent the spread of invasive plants.

Puncture resistant liner provides a safer alternative to the removal of stickers and burrs with your fingers.*

* Warning: Liner is puncture resistant, not puncture proof.  Extra care should be taken when using this product on various types of stickers/burrs.

How it works

The Burr Paw is flexible and worn on the hand. While using it, the paw easily conforms to irregularly shaped surfaces, such as, shoelaces or your pets ear. With a simple sweeping motion, stickers and burrs adhere to the surface of  Burr Paw. This leaves you and/or your pet burr free. The Burr Paw can be used two ways:

(1) Worn on the hand like a mitt.
(2) Folded in its stowed position for a quick job or if you suspect a burr may penetrate the liner.


When the Burr Paw becomes full of stickers and burrs, simply rub the mitt together as if rubbing out a stain. While doing this, the stickers and burrs will fall out. If this method is unsuccessful, remove the cleaning card from the pocket located under the Burr Paw logo, hold the mitt by its tag on a flat surface and scrape.


  • Hunters
  • Hikers/Climbers
  • Pet Owners
  • Fisherman
  • Golfers
  • Farmers/Ranchers
  • ATV Riders
  • Bird Watchers
  • Conservationists (prevent the spread of invasive plants)